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The Elite Group of Institutes, a pioneer in the sphere of distance education in India, has great pleasure in greeting you at its worldwide portal here. For an institution whose very building blocks are Openness and Universality, nothing more Open and more Universal could have happened than this worldwide website. The launching of this site is thus a groundbreaking event for the Institute. It now looks forward to a whole new revolutionary era in its history where it will be able to deliver ever more effective services to its student community, propelled by the growing power of the Internet.

 Elite Group of Institutes
This web site is hosted by Elite Group of Institutes for the benefit of the students who are doing a course from here. We have compiled a list of resources which will be useful for the students pursuing IT, Management, Professional & Traditional degrees. Please feel free to browse this web site for information of various computer courses of your interest. Your feed back and suggestions are more than welcome.

For further details please e-mail us at info@elitesng.com
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